There is an odd disadvantage to being a child of the Navy. Unlike normal people, who borrow money only to buy houses and cars, BL Mooney has no qualms about laying down the credit card to sail somewhere on a ship. She’s afraid to actually swim in the sea, but would spend a lifetime happily riding in a miniature city on top of it. Furthermore the size of the swells is irrelevant (her record without seasickness is over 20 feet).

Several voyages have taken her to Old San Juan, with its European charm and its luscious shopping experience. Beyond the antiques, art and curios, Storrie was captured by the view down to the enigmatic and impenetrable ‘La Perla’, a decaying shoreline slum sitting on about a billion dollars worth of prime land. ‘La Perla’ has a quietly steaming, sleepy-dragon mystique, but it’s about as sleepy as rust and its sub-culture is so vile that even the law does not willingly go there. The concept behind the BROADWATER mysteries was promptly hatched, and Storrie has now completed the first in a series.

THOSE IN PERIL introduces John Broadwater, a former revenge contractor from Georgia whose ungentlemanly past will chase him to ground unless he turns around to face it. Broadwater’s clients were all good guys. He never killed anybody, and he often did pro bono work with his profits. Unfortunately, scaring people only half to death is sometimes inconclusive. Some people refuse to lie down and behave. Broadwater is now a hunted man with a couple of pretty big tears in the moral fiber.

Broadwater’s wife Grace is a fragile Georgia Peach alcoholic with moral failings of her own, and no wonder. Grace needs more than she’s getting, so Broadwater makes a plan. He’s going to retire from the revenge business and make Grace his new job. He’s going to reform. He’s going to get Grace sober. He’ll even take her on a Caribbean cruise to keep her that way.

Death has another idea.

Stay tuned for more about BROADWATER, as his debut story seeks a home.