I dislike the word ‘Blog’. It sounds like something that comes out of your nose if you snort while eating. I believe the inventors of computer words should be more literate and romantic. Every time I talk about my ‘Blog’ I am disgusted with myself. 

Nevertheless, while I seek the expressive noun that will qualify me as different from every other ‘B-worder’ on earth, I stop here to tell who it is written for. The rules of my road, if you will. 

This ‘B-word’ is for those who look within themselves for truth, and do not need to drag anyone else into their realizations. They do this whether they like it or not, whether comfortably or not, whether all the time or only sometimes (in other words, they are ordinary, flawed people, who will identify with the same traits in me), and we can hope together for some small change before our day is through: 

The uncertain.

The underdog.

The shy.

The insecure.

The introvert.

The different.

The earnest.

The unforgiven.

The humble.

The irredeemable.

The seeker.

The naïve.

The trusting.

The compassionate.

The spiritual.

The nurturing.

The loyal.

The hopeful.

The effortful.

The open-minded.

The uncomfortable.

The willing.

The tolerant.

The harmless.

The accepting.

The meditative.

The changing. 

Conversely, I am ordinary, not powerful. I am a person learning how to write. I am also learning how to love a higher universal power, and stay close to it for my nourishment. This ‘B-word’ is not for those who find their gratifications in arguments outside themselves, and inside the flaws of expressions other than their own. I am not interested in anyone who thinks I am wrong if I am not like them. I have no intention of communicating with, arguing against, or accepting the notions of the following sorts of earnestly misguided reactionaries: 

The zealot.

The right wing political activist.

The left wing political activist.

Any political activist whatsoever.

The border guard.

The racist.

The misogynist.

The religious fanatic.

The religious puritan.

The exclusive Christian.

The deaf ear.

The unforgiving.

The narrow-minded.

The unaccepting.

The hyper-educated.

The over-sensitive.

The under-sensitive.

The insensitive.


And also: 

People who don’t think there are MANY ways of being devoted to good orderly principle. 

And furthermore, I will delete unacknowledged and answered: 

Any comment that insists I seek Jesus (or anyone else) as my Savior, else I burn. Read me long enough, and see that I lean on all love as my salvation, and I run like hell from any fear. I have as big a piece of God as anyone I know. I am not special. But I am equal. 

And also, I will delete: 

Any comment that smacks anybody on the palm with a ruler, for anything. 

I concede that we are all free to be, just as long as we only do it where people are willing to watch us. I’m not willing to have my feelings hurt in public, or anybody else’s either. Don’t say I didn’t warn you at the Forum gate. 

If you want to disagree, please do it on your own ‘B-word’. And do let me know what you decide to call it.


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