Thank you for visiting my new website. I’m excited about the look and about all the gadgets. I have no capacity beyond the twenty-six alphabet keyboard buttons, so I’m grateful to Taysia Chambers for her technical work and creativity. If you need media support, she’s pretty brilliant and she doesn’t scare people with big words. Reach her at taysia@gmail.com .

I plan to write a weekly post, from a launchpad of seeming failure. I’m old enough to have experienced a lot of it.


Success looks like a bunch of failures.

                       — Meredith Grey


I think my biggest assets are found in the flip side of my defects. I hope to share with you a sense of what that means to me and how I try to go forth anyway. I would like to make some changes in the small time I have left.

I hope to keep things simple. Sometimes I want to write about what happens when I race away from the plainness and routine of my life. I borrow money to do that, while other more sensible people borrow money for houses. My travel and adventure are the everyday kind, not the National Geographic stuff. I haven’t climbed anything big, or swam anything deep.

Once in a while I don’t have to go very far. I am in my office, or in my car on the way to something boring, and boom. The extraordinary is right there, yelling at me.

Sometimes I will comment on the writing process. Sometimes about my work in progress itself, and my intentions for it. I certainly want book lovers who consider making my words a part of their reading future to ask about that stuff. My writing process is saving my life from a waste. I hope questions from readers will increase my commitment to finishing the things that I start.

Very often—I will use this free soapbox to shoot off protesting rockets against the status quo. I get a little hot at what it means to be a normal and accepting lemming or sheep in this life. My brain kind of goes quirky and rebellious all on its own. (See note above about ongoing failure.)

I frequently wake up in the middle of the night and lie there. It is due to menopause and overheating—not brilliance of any kind. I wrestle with ideas and questions that don’t make sense. The reason they don’t make sense is that so far, the world has failed to shape me up like it is supposed to. I am a slippery fish, for sure.

My friends and my family know I’m assessing myself correctly. I have a large box that I stand on, and few listeners standing in front of it. Laugh if you want when you find out that for a woman of a certain age, this whole blog thing may at times be maternal instinct desperate for expression. My kids hardly ever listen to me.

I will try not to be an idiot about it. The people who know things frequently remind me that I should give more than I get if I want to become more than I was. Therefore I will attempt to be compassionate, and I am sure my readers will tell me when I’m not.

As you can see, it’s not here yet on the website—not anywhere. I refer to a stylish image linking you to a published book of mine. There are no blurbs of excitement yet. When the time comes, I will make a big splash.

At this writing, the water is calm. But there’s something under there, and it’s rising.

Thanks for reading.


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